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  1. @gargola18 btw I’m not an EPL fanboy… I’m also a fan of Barcelona, the team that destroyed Real Madrid 5-0… ok. bye bye now.

  2. @hus20 o btw.. one thing epl fanboys say..they think that barcelona or real madrid or any la liga club would never be able to beat stoke at home >_>

  3. @hus20 rich owners are destroying football..malaga was also recently bought by a rich owner..and is making some huge changes in the team.. expect malaga to finish in top 6 this season..althought u prolly dont follow la lifa football cuz u dont speak spanish etc..but everysingle word about that everton vs totteham matched up u said was true..i have also sat down and watch epl football..and thats all i see..shame.. they run like chicken without head behind the ball..

  4. @gargola18 I watched a lot of EPL matches for the love of the game and I could say that in terms of technical ability and beautiful football, they dont have much. Yet people say that’s the most exciting league in the world, Besides Arsenal there isnt one team that plays the game the right way. Even if u watch a Everton Tottenham game which is a decent mid table matchup, it consists of long balls, physicality n players running up and down the field really fast. Its unbearable to watch at times.

  5. @gargola18 no im canadian. the other thing that epl is thriving from is how rich their clubs r. from television revenue n sugar daddy owners. like abramovich first n look at man city now. due to this reason most money hungry players r gona run to the prem to cash in on the money being passed around. imo i think the foreign players raise the stature of the epl in areas like africa america japan where there is growth to the game. which is smart business by their clubs n as a league collectively.

  6. @hus20 according to EPL fan boys..in their website they really really think that if barca and real madrid were in the EPL the table would look something like this
    1)man utd
    3)man city
    6)real madrid
    thats what they told me..the also think nasri is better than iniesta..cesc better than xavi rooney better than messi and drogba better than cristiano..thats just LOL

  7. @hus20 are you american? u have ur facts straight for being an american or canadian..congrats..epl fanboys are just extremely annoying..and they are hard to reason with..they will never admit their league and their players are overrated..i once got called ignorant on an english site because i said that la liga has the best players in the world..according to them the best players in the world play in the EPL :S thats just complete nonsense..

  8. @gargola18 another reason I cant stand EPL fanboys is everytime there is 3 or 4 crappy EPL teams that qualify for the knock out stages in CL they go nuts about how strong their league is n all this other rubbish nonsense. No other league does that. I like Barca n AC Milan. Never will u see me come on here get all happy when Madrid or Inter advance farther into CL talking ish about how great Spanish n Italian football is. I cant believe people actually believe that stuff. I root against my rivals

  9. @gargola18 i just think that the EPL is an overhyped overmarketed league. When was the last time there was a ballon d’ or winner from the EPL? But whenever u come on youtube n read comments all the pro EPL people talk about how the EPL is better n La Liga is a two horse race. To u people who actually believe that i say that either Man U n Chelsea has won the Prem since 2004-2005. So I dont understand how the prem is more exciting to watch. Chelsea or United will win next year too.

  10. @hus20 dude..why do u hate the EPL so much??? i agree with u that la liga has better clubs than the EPL

  11. @Smoothmilano lol idiot robinho was never a world class at real madrid..he always always constantly being yelled at

  12. @begozo69 I hate Tottenham so I’m not worried if they get trounced in Spain. But yeah English teams have a history of not performing well in Spain (bar Arsenal/ Liverpool on the odd occasion). Liverpool defeated Barcelona at Nou Camp and Madrid at Bernabeu. Arsenal have only defeated Madrid in Bernabeu but they were the first. But that was a different Arsenal side to the current team.

  13. @Nathanbmajor7 and there will pass too many years when a english team will win again in the Bernabeu! English teams only are strong when they have to play in England but when they come to Spain they are fucked up… for example Tottenham or Arsenal.

  14. @begozo69 Sorry, you must have misunderstood. Arsenal were the first English side to win at the Bernabeu.

  15. @Renju366 like i said bro. tottenham was lucky to squeeze past milan. that gomez played out of his skin. epl is garbage its like watching a bunch muscular tanks running around playing with a football wit tennis mentality wit all the back n forth uninventive long balls. physicality like its a rugby match. these english folks eat it up n love it so what can u say. let them live in their bubble n keep thinking that. its sad cuz next year they will come on youtube n go nuts about the epl.

  16. @AeroMessi Madrid woulda thumped tottenham 4-0 even 11v11. these idiots like redknapp n that glenn hoddle moron r basically given scripts by sky sports on what to say in the post match. these guys r all muppets. even after the barca united final when redknapp was asked it giggs was marginally offside on the rooney goal. he said “maybe’. like come on that was an offside goal. if barca scored an offside goal u woulda never hear the end of it from these clowns.

  17. @Elnino23skillz o real would eat any epl team. if u put an allstar team from the prem real would still eat their food as a midnight snack. united fans r the dumbest they were actually bitching n complaining n calling barca cheaters when barca went through cuz they knew barca would give em the whopping they got. it was inevitable. It woulda been exactly the same wit real maybe even worse cuz real is ruthless like that when they have someone down n out. N i am a barca fan through n through.

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