25 replies on “Lionel Messi 2011 – The Winner”

  1. im getting that barca away kit, messi of course with shorts omgg <333333

  2. the only thing that makes messi look bad, is the team when they dont finish after he makes the most beautiful run, shit that pisses me off

  3. 100 goals in 2 seasons WTF?!?!?!

    Amazing, he’s been my favorite player for years.

  4. The first thing i thought when i clicked on this video was ”Let me read some comments hating on Ronaldo” hahaha

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    (might as well look at the video if you just read this) : )

  6. It doesn’t matter if he get stumble, because of the rivals, he keep running!!!
    WOW … he’s the best player (and FC Barcelona is the best soccer club <3)

  7. I can agree on Messi being the best for now, but comparing barcelona to the best team (real madrid) in the world is fucking stupid.

  8. No coach can teach skill like this, this guy was just born to play football. Pure destiny. Messy number 1 !!!!!!!!!<3 <3

  9. This video should end the fight of CR and Messi, he’s unstoppable. CR is a diver, look at all parts where Messi was nearly tripped, he didn’t dive he kept going.

  10. i just can’t stop watchin the vid and they say Cr7 it better than messi they must be a shame

  11. This guy doesn’t dives all the time as CR does so stop saying that Messi cheat,bitches!

  12. messi is the best player ever 2 come across this earth. pele was good and maradona was good. But Messi far better than both of them i have 2 say. The only player tht might be stand a chance 2 be better thn messi in future generation will probably be his son if he has one.

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