25 replies on “Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Wii UEFA Champions League Gameplay – Knock Out Stage Match1 Home (2nd Leg)”

  1. hey why r there green circles on the field instead of stripes? can u change
    that? please reply plz plz plz i need to know

  2. i was so supprised when i first saw the sony-advertisment in the wii
    version xD i was like: “are you serious??” ^^ i think playmaker-controlls
    are the best ever for a football game. i love it so much. i never want to
    play a football game with normal controlls again.

  3. @JeReL19 youre right.i have this game for 1 year and i couldnt do a fault
    goal yet

  4. omg this is crazy!! is this online!!! if it is olnine i’m getting this
    shit!! tell me man

  5. @Dazran303 To be completely honest, I never watch soccer, but boredguk made
    me watch the England vs USA match, so I’m going for England now I guess. πŸ™‚

  6. @Dazran303 you should go for england πŸ™‚ since canada didnt make it πŸ™

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    opponents !!

  8. looks like a fun game i should get it also the wii players have really big
    heads lol! if u still play it u should add me on cod4 wii

  9. Nice vid kid. I had this game for a while but I got tired of them cheating
    from Pro to Top difficulty (classic control style) and there being
    absolutely nobody on the sideline, not even a flat coach to go with those
    bootleg benches. Also free kicks are near impossible as the “power gauge”
    is a joke. I could put up with everything else as the players looked fine,
    though the paper-mache stadiums weren’t so hot. The gameplay was alright
    but the next soccer game I get has to be HD.

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