29 thoughts on “#MLS4RSL: MLS Shows Support for Real Salt Lake

  1. Good luck RSL, very tough game but achievable to win and give the surprise. If anyone in MLS can do it is you guys. Major props on MLS on making this video!

  2. Vamos Rayados, no por nada son el campeon! venga chupete, Aldo, Kbrito, Lucho, Basanta, Osorio, Hiram, Osvaldito, William, Jona, Neri, Walter, profe Vuce y sobre todo que el Tano este con nosotros

  3. La grandeza de este equipo se refleja en su gente!!!
    Rayados <3
    México <3
    Vamos Monterrey!!!
    RSL fake support!!

  4. Sorry MLS, but rivalry runs deep. You may have the support of everyone else, but we all know later this season we won’t have anybodies support (Fans, Players, League, and especially our rivals) your burgundy rivals are not with you. Barcelona Fans won’t root for Real Madrid or vice versa, Man United fans won’t root for Liverpool, Seattle won’t root for Portland or vice versa, and America won’t root for Guadalajara, so with that, #rapidsnot4rsl. Vamos Rayados.

  5. Respect!!
    From a Japanese living in São Paulo, Brazil!
    Urawa Reds and SC Corinthians Paulista Fan!!!

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