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  1. @jayrsuk “but mou will be at man u in a year” false especulation. I few days ago i read an interview in a madrid newspaper where he said ” I want to complete my contract in Madrid and do great things here ( 5 years contract) . so there is no way he’s going back to england anytime soon. he will not leave. he will stay. he’s starting to give the team some form and buying players.i think he might be able to make the best team in history in these 5 years.

  2. @jayrsuk oh ya trust me mourinho waz in a interview and he said tat he wants titles with madrid and if hes going back 2 epl hes guna coach chelsea not man u.ur just a lil jealous tottenham fan whos mad tat real madrid kicked tottenham ass 4-0 and 1-0!Oh ya real madrid tied with barca 1-1 in la liga 2day.Trust me real madrid is guna bring some ass kickin 2 barca at copa del rey and champions league.Also man u is guna lose 2 shalke in semi finals of champions league. Shalke 04 vs Real madrid final

  3. @jayrsuk lol epl makes player regret of leaving and they produce way better players wen they start??? first of all la liga made ronaldo (brazil),figo,messi,casillas,david villa,zidane,xavi,iniesta,benzema,higuian,ronaldinho,raul, robinho,deco,ramos,puyol and not cristiano cuz he started his best at manchester united.Robinho regreted leaving madrid 2 go to mmanchester city cuz real madrid were in the galactico era and well manchester city sucks.oh ya the english r way overrated at futbol! haha

  4. @KingDcome11 ohhh and dont know if uve heard the speculation,but mou will be at man u in a year lol FACT fergie and mou are very gud friends and mou has told close pals he wants the man u job…so much for wanting to stay at the best club ever lol,1 year and he wants out ,just face it sum people like epl more sum people dont so lets stop this cuz no ones gonna win im for epl your for la liga..lets just wait to c wat happens in the next few weeks when the champs league is finished then will c

  5. @KingDcome11 he left italy cuz its shit there plus they didnt like him just like the spanish,& the onley reason he left england was cuz of abramavich at chelsea if it wasnt for that he wud stil be here,the madrid job came avalible so course his gonna leave inter for madrid they hate him there,bale is a gud playa he desroyed inter with a hatrick not bad considering its there first season in the champs league and they reached the last 8.,this is the futhist madrid have been in 8 years lol terrible

  6. @jayrsuk ohh and also… mou left for spain… why would he leave the “best” league in the world to go to another league? wasn’t he at the top? of course not…. he knows all teams can never compare to the best team in history ( Real madrid best team in a 100 years) and having one of the best teams in history ( barcelona all time). Bale sucks so i hope you are right and someon3e else receives the award…but i doubt it…i heard in a british newspaper he would be the best EPL player

  7. @KingDcome11 vidic,evra,nani,gerrard,lampard,ashley cole,drogba,giggs,fabregas,van persie,van der vart,suirez,terry,rooney,henendez,tevez just to name a few players who are better then bale…al be it sum play in different positons but just to prove a point that basle aint the best in epl..i wud also say torres but at the moe his doin crap at the moe,and just remeber spurs are 5th in the epl at the moe so its not exactly a great victory..and how many points are madrid behind barce in la liga..ha

  8. @KingDcome11 wat are u on about he has 3 years left at madrid so that shows how much u no about ur team,and who said bale is the best player in epl,dont think so mate his a hot prospect but not bst player,and big deal theres 2 spanish teams and 1 epl in the semis,well for the the past 5 or6 years theres been 3 english teams in the semis.,cant be like that every year there will be 1 time when u may have more spanish teams in the semis…but it will always be 2 cuz thats all the spanish have….ha

  9. The Spurs are a great side; however, I’m thrilled that my club won this match. Cheers and best of luck in the future to the Spurs!
    iHaaaaaala Maaaaaadrid!

  10. @jayrsuk he wants to leave because he loves the life in england .. but he’s not living until 5 years from now once his contract with madrid is done. Not b.c the EPL is better. There is actually 2 spanish tems in the semifinals and only one enlgish team on them. and one of the other team ( shalke) is led by a spnish player. Madrid are winning everything this year just watch and see. Madrid humiliated your english team with the “best” player in the epl which is bale. EPL sucks

  11. @ninoalvardo9 yeah and u say u have 2 of the best players in the world and who made 1 of them the epl and man u made cr9 who he is today fact..the onley reason he fuked of cuz he wanted to join his boyhood dream club but like most great players they start in the epl we make um great players and they fuk of cuz they wud rather have it easy in a shit leage…a few players regret leaving the epl for spanish or italian leagus cuz they think the grass is greener on the orther side but its not..

  12. @KingDcome11 mou said he loves the english game and his future is england so if liga was so gud why leave such a league to go to anouther,plus media and fans we have the worse media in the world for puttin preasure on people espcially in sport and thats a fact,and as fans the english are up there with the most passionate thats anouther reason why mou wants to come bk to epl,& madrid should be winning things but the fact is there NOT,why cuz there SHIT FACT as when was the last time u won sumthin

  13. @ninoalvardo9 mate im bored of this argument……real madrid are shit…seria a lol yeah ok mate,take car dude have a gud life and i hope madrid make u happy and actually win sumthin lol but i cant c it…and if man u reach the final and win ill be back to leave u a little comment so will c in a couple of months..let the teams do the talking…but lets face it barcelona will knock u out in the semis anyway…c u soon.xxxx

  14. @jayrsuk dude the la liga has the most succesful team of 20th century real madrid and the best team in the world. we have the best two players in the world messi and cristiano.epl is just a league tat cant handle the REAL leagues like la liga and serie A. thats y arsenal lost 2 barca 2 years in a row and real madrid is guna crush tottenham!!!Ur just a stupid english whos jealous of spain success. oh ya real madrid is guna win the uefa.hala madrid

  15. @periodbludbruvas if your reffering to INTER MILAN as the greatest European team then you obviously know fuck all about football. They are the defending champions but not the greatest, i can name 4 teams that are greater. Your spelling of the nou camp is as good as tottenhams chances of Champions league football next season. I cant wait to watch all your players jump from the sinking ship that is White hart lane. FOREVER IN OUR SHADOWS, MUGS

  16. @jayrsuk mou never said EPL is the best league… he said he felt like home there ..of course there in EPL there is no barcelona he can face. he just wants to get away from the pressure from Madrid media and fans ( madrid is the best team in football history and the pressure and expectation is always high) Isn’t manchester like 11 or 9 points away from the second team? i don’t kow where the three team race that you talk about is… maybe race for second and third spot

  17. @KingDcome11 epl still ranked 1st by uefa and fiffa as the number 1 league….and ur mgr wants to come bk to epl cuz even he said its the best…and that comes from aperently the best mgr in the world…

  18. @ninoalvardo9 lets add up all the european cups won by both england teams and spanish teams in all compitions british teams have won 41 european compitions….and we aint on about national teams spain are the best…..but la liga falls short to epl..epl still ranked by fiffa and uefa as the number 1 league in the world

  19. @KingDcome11 havin the most exspensive team and best manager and ur still playin for second place in la liga that sums madrid up….not very good,why is it good havin the most exspensive team when uve cum 2nd in la liga twice now with this team sumthin aint rite even mourinho cant get madrid rite cuz ur second and it looks like barce are gonna win it again..and best mgr in the world i think it wud be fare to say ferguson is..12 league tittles,2 champsleague,5 facups,3 leaguecups,1 world club cup

  20. @KingDcome11 lol best manager in the world i think it wud be fare to say alex ferguson is 2 champs league 12 league titles 4 fa cups 3 league cups 1 world club cup….and madrid may have the mot exspensive team but there second in la liga and they aint gonna win it….dont think they will win champsleague barce to win that…so madrid bein the second best team in world how do u cum up to that cconclution…and mouriho wants to come back to epl why??? cuz its the best league ha…

  21. @jayrsuk see but you always claim that ALL teams in the epl play for the title and it’s good that you admit that epl it’s a three team race just one more than la liga. madrid just beat the crap out of totenham 4-0 and they are coming for you… madrid will prove they are the best second team in the world.. they have best manger and most expensive team in the world… totenham was humiliated .. i dont even thinnk any epl had humiliated totenham this year like madrid did.. make some conclucions

  22. I know Barça is now better than Real Madrid and that’s because the players played longer together! For a team like Real Madrid with new coach new style and some new players who need some time to adapt are doing quite well! They need improvement and they’re gradually improving! Do not compare Barça to Real Madrid because they’re different! And this won’t stop Real Madrid fans give up on Real Madrid because they’re not the best ever! That’s why Real Madrid have the best fans! ¡Hala Madrid!

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