32 replies on “Heineken Italy. Case Study – Champions League Match vs Classical Concert (Real Madrid, AC Milan)”

  1. The power of marketing, … makes me think if oil companies can pull it off to make the world believe bio fuels are dangerous… 😛

  2. Dude at 3:46 in black shirts actually wanted to enjoy the poetry and classical music he is so disappointed 😀

  3. Really, Heineken has the most brilliant PR-team in the world, not a joke. Not only their TV commercials, but also this marketing idea, it’s so… f*cking… GENIUS!!
    Damn, NICE!

  4. @SoOld79 Hmmm, liked the marketing idea as well. But calling their beer shit is like calling Jessica Alba she’s ugly.

  5. I love the thing heineken did but whats up with the comments dude you ruine the clip with that. I hope you will delete those comments that wil give the clip the attention it deserves

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