25 replies on “Sir Alex ‘ stupidest question I ever heard ‘ -Funny after Champions league final 2011”

  1. @Cam18MUFC Have to disagree. so far this season, rooney has been on stunning form, while vidic, who fair enough hasn’t played much through injury, hasn’t quite looked as good as he has in previous seasons. perhaps when he comes back he’ll get back to top form, but, on the basis of the first few games, you have to hand it to rooney, he’s looking better than ever

  2. @SuperHello99999999 Seriously grow up lads, I’m a fan of Liverpool but insulting people’s sexuality? that’s something you expect at a school for christ sake. You both have difference of opinions so just agree that you disagree with each other and leave it at that. If you want to look at it objectively Liverpool had their time as champions, now it’s Man U’s time eventually though it will change and history will repeat itself but with a different team.

  3. @WH17LFC And dont talk about our best player or something like that.. Your team once had a Torres whom you guys treated him as God, sucking his dick but now?? LOL!!! You guys are the real fucking thick bastards.

  4. @WH17LFC Come on man.. Dont get so angry, it makes you look childish.. You are just those typical Liverfool fans who suck that Kenny’s balls and barking on Suarez everywhere.. He hasnt even hav one season at you team yet but you guys treat him like GOD!! It doesnt matter if he shits on United players during their clash, as long as United players shit back on all the Liverpool players faces at the end of the season when they lift the trophy, YET AGAIN..

  5. @WH17LFC Not saying Liverpool are shit but they are not better than Manchester United but I do see Liverpool as a title threat because of your new signings. Secondly, Rooney is not our best player- Vidic is.

  6. @SuperHello99999999 shut up you pile of shit you’ve had your time at the top now king kenny is back we’ll see what happens when we play you at anfield in october eh? you cant handle suarez he shits on all your players. and also you accuse me on my other comment of being a hypocrite??? the stupid thing is you and your other shitty man united fans sing about scousers being cunts and everything when your best player is a scouser rooney!…..all of you really are fuckin thick bastards.

  7. @WH17LFC The way you bark was very cute.. You know, people like you should stop dreaming already.. 20 years ago, did anyone bel19ve that United will win more Premier League trophies than Liverpool? NO!! But now look at what happens? What those Shitpool fans are all fools.. Just barking about next season and next season and next season.. Stop talking cock ok? Retards..

  8. Wow.. That’s like saying “What 1 player from Arsenal would you wan’t?” – Ohh, wait, not anymore…


  9. @WH17LFC a scouser calling me thick? really? actually i would beg to differ, the 1999 champions league final was just as, if not even better than your win in 2005, certainly more dramatic! Are you going to win the treble this year? just like you were going to last year, and the year before, and the year before? also may i point out, if it wasnt for you fuckers and heysel getting us banned from europe, we may possibly have 5 european cups, not forgetting the busby babes who would have won it.

  10. @DownInTheValleys you are so fuckin thick!! it doesnt matter when a trophy was won it still counts you stupid cunt… i would like to see man united come from 3-0 down at half time in a champions league final and win! and “bindipper” is that all you can up with you silly cunt go back to school muppet.

  11. @WH17LFC actually, we’ve already won more champions league’s as you, 2-1. most of liverpools european success was over 25 years ago and now you’re time has passed, next year is always your year, but you always fuck it up, braindead bindipper!

  12. @SuperHello99999999 how was my comment i any way “cute”? why dont you fuck off you glory hunting cunt….. you will never win as many champions league’s as us…… and we will be back in the champions league next season and we will take your title with more new signings next summer.

  13. @WH17LFC LOL cute!! Then why are you barking about 18 league titles before we surpass you? Fucking idiot

  14. @SuperHello99999999 because the uefa champions league is the best cup competition in the world you fucking idiot.

  15. @SuperHello99999999 Just fuckk off u bullshit manure fan.koz u’re the one barking right now!!!!!!!:o

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