25 replies on “Champions League 2011: Christian Suss-Vladimir Samsonov”

  1. @ttpetiyyy he told me his wife forgot to put some tibhar shirts in his bag so he had to play with donic shirt.

  2. hes been promising a performance like that for a very long time, fair play mate that was awesome

  3. Hahaha even Samsonov was like ‘yeah I got outplayed’. Hope suss does well in wttc I think he could get quite far.

  4. Every time i see suss i think he is improved from the last time – his backhand down the line gets him a lots of points – maybe capable ot an upset in the world championships

  5. wow, süß learned alot the last years. i remember him loosing 0-3 against samsonov with no chance

  6. my most hated player Suss is also the most improved player in the past 2 years. Very well played in every aspect to outplay Samsnov. hats-off to him.

  7. love those inside out backhand sidespin blocks and chop blocks by both of them toward the end – great thanks

  8. If Vladimir Samsonov wants to win then he needs to be quicker. Christian Suss moves around the table much faster than Samsonov and is able to move Samsonov away from the table too easily.

  9. @Beeray11 No sir, it’s the other way round. Check out some comments by that moron “tyoungos” and maybe you get my point.

  10. @sak0815 The pro tour doesn’t hold much water considering it’s based on participation and when the chinese boycott tournaments or dont go so they can give others a chance, some players WR suffers. But look at match history… I’m sorry but that holds much more validity than the ITTF Standings, most people will agree. And I don’t rant against non-asians, I rant against people who seem to hate on the chinese players for no reason other than they are the best. Like you.

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