Mirror Football pundit Robbie Savage has condemned Aston Villa legend Gabriel Agbonlahor for his poor fitness level as a professional football player.

The pundit also made comments at Saido Berahino’s fitness level. Savage, a former Birmingham City player, said that players in that professional level should be ashamed of themselves if they cannot maintain a level of fitness.

“If I was a manager who had to send one of his players to a fitness boot-camp in the middle of the season, I would find it very hard to accept,” the ex-footballer wrote. He challenged both stars to work on their fitness levels as he opines that professional footballers should always maintain high standards of fitness, as it was not an option. He equalled the high fitness levels to a bus driver having a driving license.

Savage likened the duo to careless players who “simply didn’t care enough about their physical condition.” He linked their fitness levels to their attitude.

West Brom FC had to ask Berahino to do a four-day crash fitness programme in France in a bid to boost his fitness level. The former English under-21 player posted a supposedly sarcastic picture of himself online. The talented player could have moved to Tottenham Hotspur for c. £25 million but West Brom did not allow the deal.

Villa legend Agbonlahor had to undergo a personal fitness regime mid-season, and Savage dismissed the player’s excuses saying they had access to facilities, advice, and all sorts. Savage said the players were well-paid to perform their jobs and fitness was a key requirement. Coach Steve Bruce admitted this recently when he said Agbonlahor is the best centre forward, despite his age, but only when 100 percent fit. He revealed that the player was making progress and he was willing to play him if he does what is required.