26 thoughts on “REPORT: Tottenham vs Real Madrid – Champions League

  1. good football coach gotta admit it, and alonso has dicipline thats rare in soccer players including me. i think schalke or man unite will get it this yr. But i will go with raul’s new team. Salam from palestine.

  2. @ Superman 9>3 so who’s a better team it wasn’t til recently that barca have doing good so stfu and bow down to something greater than yourself noob

  3. I hate premier league, but Real Madrid is the most shitty team ever !!

    They pay millions and the result is 6-2, 5-0, 4-0 alcorococococn i can’t even remember that team’s name lmao

    Fuck Madrid

  4. Xabi’s english is so cute! haha 🙂
    Mou is sooo humble! 🙂 when everyone thinks he’s cocky, he says: i hope to do well enough to stay in the team” 😀 he’s so awesome!!!!! Also, this one will be the game number 500 for him as a coach! 🙂 Grande Mou!!!!!
    HALA MADRID!!!!!

  5. woooooo best stadium of the world *-* bernabeu
    but today, …. wi will win in london 😉

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