26 replies on “Real Madrid Champions League Best Goals”

  1. we can all agree ronaldo powned and ronaldo could beat real madrid on his own

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  4. wtf is this???? no zidane vs leverkusen? no ronaldo(the brazilian) goals?
    this video suks!!!!!!!!!!

  5. El de Cristiano contra el Olimpic de Marseille el TOP 3 no a sido tanto… es una extraordinaria jugada pero al final la asistencia no la tubo que dar

  6. @147MAYHEM I know, but he’s been out injured for a while. I miss watching him play.

  7. @XElintocableX its 2009/2010 only xD Zidane’s goal will be on top all the tome 😉

  8. I thought this was All-Time and I was expecting Zidane’s goal to be #1 and I was also like “Damn, CR7 is making history!!”

  9. we neeed a player that can give pases like guti! xabi alonso isint as good.

  10. omg i miss Raul in this video and maybe Nistelrooy ! Allso Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Figo and so on !!

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