26 replies on “Tottenham Vs Real Madrid – Champions League | Jose Mourinho’s Press Conference”

  1. @MrRealM100 yes i think the same, i hope they’ll win the classico today 🙂

  2. vai pra cima deles mourinho!portugal ta kntg!fprçaa caaralho!!UM abraço de setubal!

  3. aahhh
    some people are in something and others are in something else. lol. the middleeast is on fire and some people are playing football for a living. But Thank Allah thats whats written un all of us. Salam from

  4. he is real coach and real manager..good choice from mr president..
    all da best and wish u best luck for real madrid..u are the best in the world

  5. tottenham will not lay down for real madrid we will give you a huge fight

  6. I wonder to know why was denied to a brazilian reporter to make a question in portuguese, but a italian was allowed to make a question in italian…

  7. @ghamna0r ye cause youll be too embarassed after real madrid defeat barca

  8. Jose Mourinho !!!Jose Mourinho !!!Jose Mourinho !!!Jose Mourinho !!!Jose Mourinho !!!

  9. haha, 5 goals not enough for beating us, because we are going to score more!!!!

    Mourinho: the definition of champion!!!!

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