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  1. he might of gotten compared younger i dont know but noo the first person they compared him to was maradonna then pele right after that says something and hes lived up to that expectations. messi will never leave because of wat barca did to his family when he was young. its more like where would barca be without messi. like i told you…. you judge players by there teams not by his individual skill messi dribbles through a whole defense by himself but you say oh no that was all barca helping him

  2. at the age of 22 or 23? i remember when people compared Luiz Ronaldo to Pele at the age of 18… i really don’t get how Messi can be compared to Pele when Pele won the world cup at the age of 17 and got player of the tournament. no one has ever compared Messi at 22 to Pele,they compared him to Maradona ever since he scored that goal vs Getafe.but that’s Getafe and Maradona’s goal was against England in the world cup. Messi is a fantastic player.he’ll be the best when proves he doesn’t need Barca

  3. Jut answer this one question okk. Why is it that at the age of 22 or 23 he was already getting compared to the greats to legends dont you think he might be that good if there comparing to amazing players at the age of 25 who knows if hes even better when hes 27 28. You say hes not that good but has everyone cpmpared him to pele cryuff maradonna etc and hes only 25 dont you thinnk that means something or are you just stubborn you dont want to believe it?

  4. yea…a guy who screws his own team by getting rid of great talents such as Pirlo on a free transfer. that guy’s opinion matters a lot!!!!!
    come on… what does he know about being the greatest ever when he let Pirlo go on a free transfer just to keep Inzaghi?

  5. He’s amazing, he’s the best player in this new generation, but he has never scored (apart a penalty) against an Italian team in 7 games.

  6. messi is the best player ever..and this is said by someone who seen maradona and pele play -galliani

  7. they’re great players but are they the same level as Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Pele,Romario,Zico,Rivalino etc? i don’t ever recall Ronaldo or Pele or Ronaldinho or Romario or Zico or Rivalino or ANY of these greatest ever players who said “Messi is the best ever” last time i checked Maradona said Ronaldinho is “the king of football” and last time i checked Pele said Neymar is better than Messi?are you seriously that pathetic to make up a lie? i recall them saying he’s the best in the world,but not ever

  8. how am i no different?i’m clearly different because i’ve got far more football experience than kids like you…Cristiano is no way near better than true players such as Batistuta etc so what they play football all their lives? defenders today are shocking and poor compared to defenders 10 years ago. are you trying to tell me if a division 1 player scored 10 goals against a team like Hyde in the 5th division then there’s no difference? they all play football for living. these replies? all funny

  9. u just no different from those c.Ronaldo`s fans boys that jealous of Messi. just ur idol is Ronaldo. All the same round and round despise u getting so many responses and u still here and never reflect to ur own. and u r little more arrogant then the other. untalented defenders, they r all professional that spent all their lives in football. how big is ur mouth to even said tat? pay some attention to ur Moral class too, learn some respect for those who deserved.

  10. Ive seen pele, maradona, zidane and ronaldo in interviews come out and say that messi is the best of this decade and perhaps even the best ever and im not saying he’s the best ever that’s also impossible to no for sure because the players you have mentioned and many others have a lot of different play styles

  11. no mate your the one that has no clue about football your saying that messi and ronaldo aren’t some of the best players ever when great player like ronaldo, ronaldihno, maradona, pele, romario, esuabio, and many more from older and recent memory have spoke on a lot of footballing shows/interviews and statted that they are. u fucking idiot

  12. Cristiano is obviously nothing compared to Luiz Ronaldo. a class of their own? no they’re not in a “class of their own”, they’re talented players who are lucky to play against untalented defenders.

  13. american? please…. if you think Beckham is not one of the best ever then you really have no clue anything about football

  14. real players like beckham and hasselbaink? haha dumbass american, is this supposed to be funny? 

  15. Messi was 17 – 20 years old or so when ronaldinho played for barca.

    But when he came of age he was so good , barca were willing to let dinho go to give messi his shirt.

  16. I think it’s pretty obvious that Messi is already a football legend, more than worthy of being placed in the same sentence as Pelé and Maradona, and well on his way to being the best ever. You would have to be pretty biased against him to not recognize his talent.
    PS: If you think that Pelé won 3 world cups all by himself, your opinion is worth nothing, football-wise. 1970’s era Brazil was one of the most badass teams in the history of the sport.

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