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  1. Jurgens a fuckn dumbass! If we dont even make it to the hex I’ll fuckn kill him! Aha jk but still fuck jurgen! We need a new coach! Perhaps Jason Kreis?

  2. Objectively the US has more players in top leagues right now. I understand that is in part because the Mexican league is a much better domestic choice than the MLS. I also admit that the Mexican soccer infrastructure is far superior to ours. But the senior national teams, their resumes in the last decade are right on par with each other. If MNT is better than the USNT right now, it isn’t by much. My totally objective, unbiased opinion. So many portray MNT as an elite, world class team, not true

  3. 82% stat is relevant, the Mexican economy is propped up by the US economy. I didn’t say that it was the “Most Dangerous Country in the World”, NY Daily News did. 50,000 have been murdered since “The War on Drugs”. To have that powerful and sophisticated of a drug cartel is absurd. To say that Mexico has a better economy is even more absurd. Their poverty=45%, US’s=13%. Their min. wage is under 5$, ours is over 7$. Their unemployment rate is lower, but our social programs are far more accessible.

  4. Anyways im leaving, none of us r going anywhere with this. Also i dont dislike the US, im just proud of my country. I think US is getting better each year (aswell as mexico), u guys have some great players like howard and donovan, and hopefully altidore makes it in the BPL or BBVA or somewhere. Hopefully we’ll face u guys passed the group stage, Mexico v USA is always a really fun game

  5. Also when u say chicharito and guardado r only ones doing anything impressive for club. “Maza” rodriguez is doing great for stuttgart, i already mentioned vela, Moreno and dos santos. Also vela didnt really fail at arsenal. When they put him in he played great and when they gave him decent playing time he usually scored. Arsenal just had way too many forwards and they didnt sell him, Vela chose to stay at Socidedad. US is getting a lot better, but still trailing behind.

  6. And when i say our education can be better, it doesnt mean its bad, i just always think education can be better. We have great, great universities. Our primary and secondary schools r also good. In the official rankings of math, literature/reading, and science mexico is only like 10 spots behind the US in each category which isnt bad at all, so to say its “in shambles” is a huge overstatement. Its a shame about the poverty and every mexican knows it, but there is a very large middle class

  7. U actually dont know wat ur talking about. All u know about mexico is wat u hear in the news. U have no idea wat mexico is really like. US has much more money, but that doesnt mean that ur economy is better ATM. Fact is right now ur economy sucks, but mexico is doing just fine. 82% of exports r purchased by the US? Ok thats cool, irrelevant, but cool fact. Worlds most dangerous country? Yeah u definitely just listen to the news. Education can be better, but US is falling behind in that to others

  8. Against common opponents Mexico has fared better. We still have an overwhelmingly better head to head record in the last 10 years. We have more players in top leagues, we did better in the last three World Cups. Don’t forget 2009 con. cup, who is the last team to beat Spain in an elimination game? Who beat Italy 1-0, Scotland 4-1, and won our group in the 2010 WC? If Mexico;s better, it’s not by much, you’re too biased to see clearly. Dempsey and Howard are elite players in the premier league.

  9. Just stop,we both know Mexico is superior to the U.S by far and the whole world knows it.You guys were killed by Brazil 4-1, while our senior team beat them 2-0, and then our under 23 olympic team beat them in the final.We just won the under-17 world cup, 3rd in the under 20 world cup, and won the olympics. Our future looks bright, while you guys are shit as always lol. You guys are so bad you need Mexicans to help out your shit team haha. Our domestic league is also superior to the MLS by miles

  10. Mexico’s economy is not even close to our economy..Our GDP is times higher, our minimum wage is FAR higher, and 82% of Mexico’s exports are purchased by America. Also, immigrants sending money from America back to Mexico accounts for over 20 billion dollars a year for the Mexican economy. Lawlessness, corruption, the dubious title of “The World’s Most Dangerous Country”, nearly half the population below the poverty line, and an educational system in shambles…Sounds 3rd world to me…

  11. I agree the Mexican soccer infrastructure is far superior to the USA’s, without question. The only thing that matters though is the senior team. Concacaf is a joke, all the gold cups in the world mean nothing. Mexico has done nothing in the world cup, right on par with the USA. Barely getting out of the group is still getting out of the group. Again, we are 11-5-3 against Mexico in the last 10 years, how can that be argued?

  12. Great. Espanyol is a mediocre team in a very top heavy league. Guardado and Chicharito are the only Mexicans doing anything impressive for club. Meanwhile Dempsey has already scored for Spurs, Bradley scored in his first game (albeit preseason) with Roma, Howard is one of the best GK’s in the premier league, Friedel just now ended his EPL record 310 start streak due to Lloris, Fabian Johnson and Jermaine Jones have both already scored in the Bundesliga. We have impact players in 3 major leagues.

  13. Also mexico is definitley not third world, thats just stupid to say. Our economy is actually FAR superior than the american one atm. We r going uphill at a good rate while US is going downhill, but thats not the point. Obviously i think mexico is WAY better than the US, from our youth to our veterans to our stars, but thats always a biased opinion. US struggles against shit teams, will barely pass in their group, MLS = embarrassing. Mexico trophies>US Trophies All this wont change ur opinion tho

  14. J. Dos Santos never plays, Moreno plays for Espanyol, Vela for Real Sociedad. Neither team has even qualified for Europa League in forever, with Sociedad just recently being promoted to La Liga at all. Lol all this after Vela failed at Arsenal, and G. Dos Santos failed at Spurs. Dempsey surpassed Dos Santos’ 4 year goal total for Spurs in just his second league start. How is it that you are still bragging about Mexico? 2 players on quality teams in Spain, 1 in England, 0 in other major leagues.

  15. We have 5 players in La Liga fucking idiot! Where do you get your “statistical evidence”Lmao.They’re Carlos Vela,Hector Moreno,Gio Dos Santos,Jonathan Dos Santos and Andres Guardado none of them are bench.We are by far the best team in the shitty Concacaf region lol.We were undefeated in the Gold Cup and are undefeated in the World Cup Qualifiers while you guys lost and tied against Jamaica and barely beat Antigua and Barbuda LMFAO!Don’t lie to yourself, we both know Mexico is much more superior

  16. For Mexico: In the Premier League, 1 primarily bench (but talented) player. In La Liga: 2 bench players. In Serie A: 0. In Bundesliga: 1 player

    For USA: In the Premier League, 4 Starters/1 bench player. In La Liga: 0. In Italy: 1 starter. In Bundesliga: 7 players.

    Again, I have statistical evidence to back up what I say. You have only childish, outlandish claims. The US has more players in the main 4 leagues in the world, clearly. You guys can’t even claim soccer superiority anymore lol.

  17. 11-5-3 in last 19 matches including a recent win in Estadio Azteca. We have dominated Mexico. That is an undeniable statistical fact! Funny because soccer is the 5th most popular sport in the USA. It is a religion in Mexico. WE still beat Mexico. Golds Cups mean nothing. It’s all about the WC. Which country has the most losses in WC history? Mexico. There you go. I said “world class leagues”. Portugal and Russia are not relevant in that argument. Let’s look at Spain, England, Germany and Italy

  18. Interesting how you totally ignored the stats showing just how terrible Mexico is. How do you even argue that? You’re an American, why all the hatred for the US if you live here? Better yet, why not live in Mexico if it is so great? BTW us “fat nasty redneck pigs” have the most olymipic medals in the world, (2,654 to Mexico’s 62), the most Nobel Prize winners (335 to Mexico’s 3. 3! LOL), and we dominate the world music/film industries. Pretty athletic, intelligent, and cultured for nasty pigs.

  19. i never said that im just surprised how much people liked a comment and it has giving courage, hope and faith to maybe make it. im not saying what your OBVIOUSLY putting words in my mouth. people have heart to at least know what i went through and what im going through by listening to at least a call for a chance to attend the USA squad. OBVIOUSLY!! so im not a trash talker or anything if your not going to help then mind your own business and move on. we all have dreams and we all chase them

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