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  1. you are just confirming what I already stated. “No one wants to end their careers in Melbourne, Sydney, etc…they wanna end it in LA, NY, etc.” yes, MLS, isn’t above the EPL, La Liga, etc, I didn’t say that. i’d be an idiot to say so. I also said, “ONE day it won’t be a retirement league.” the simple fact is MLS gets better EVERY year, it is above the A-League, we’ve shown that when we go to Australia and play friendlies. p.s. I hate baseball. Soccer has always been my sport and will always be.

  2. mate, MLS is players are forgotten and have no where else to go. It is nothing compared to the EPL or any other european leagues. MLS has no higher skill level than the A-League. Stick to baseball.

  3. I feel like my comment started a massive debate between A-League and MLS, which is ludicrous because MLS is certainly a step above A-League…that being said MLS is also older than A-League but MLS will never be below par, compared to A-League. I hope one day the A-League will be a model of the MLS but I also know no one wants to end their career in Sydney, Melbourne, etc…they wanna end it in LA, NY, etc…so MLS will always grow…year in, year out and one day it won’t be a retirement league.

  4. Please change the intro video clip. Sounds like a trashy car show. Thanks though, watch these every time you post. MLS is here people!

  5. Umm…you do realize the MLS is a LEAGUE and not a team right? So yes, MLS is not going to win a game….they will however, continue to bring in better players and make stronger teams

  6. Another player who would have a career in England had he picked playing for a quality side wove quality players like robbie keane he chose cash and playing in a shit league with shit players

  7. do some fucking research before spewing that bullshit! the MLS has a salary cap you butthurt cunt! 😛

  8. The a league isnt as developed cause it’s been around for seven years. It still has salary caps, th mms has no salary cap so its just cash cash cash in the mls

  9. In international friendlies? Sorry, that’s not a good measuring stick to make that claim. And MLS has had the advantage of being around longer which naturally helps grow domestic players who play alongside guys like Henry, Beckham, etc.

  10. HOWS IT A STEP DOWN! aleague teams always beat mls teams! The only thing the mls has over the aleague is the money

  11. the a-league is crap nowhere near mls standards and im Australian, good game from cahill today against spurs hopefully he continues playing good.

  12. I think Concacaf broadcasts some matches on their website.. anyway, they always upload the highlights of every game on their channel here on Youtube

  13. Cahill is being honest, no malice intended to A-League. Be serious, would a player want to play in a league with Henry, Beckham, Keane, Donovan, Nesta or in a league with no big stars (aging or otherwise)? Kudos to Cahill for being true and straight with people…RBNY will LOVE this guy.

  14. Australian forums are in meltdown.Totally disrespectful and unnecessary from someone who should know better

  15. A-League a step down? Haha. I’d be one pissed off Aussie. So is he saying MLS isn’t a step down?

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