31 replies on “Portuguese Soccer Players Funny Moments Episode 1 by TelmoEsteves24”

  1. @udayaai
    every single player u saw in the vid was formed in sportingcp, with not so many years between, so it´s “easier” to behave like this..
    apart from the goalkeeper ricardo that is..

  2. @axp80 thats just because one thing.. language. Iberian people are really good learning languages because we got very difficult languages ourselfs and a lots of languages like in spain they got catalan galician baske and castellan.. english because everybody talks in english so they dont need learn languages.. same thing with scotish.. besides scotish got their own language.

  3. @wordlife099 thts true he and Pato do most of the work Robinho doesnt really contribute to milan they havent been good since Kaka was ther

  4. @Haitiankid22 Yea I realized that but thanks for responding. Speaking of Ibrah, he did such a stupid thing by getting a red card his last game. Milan needs him to win the title.

  5. @wordlife099 nah its not tht he is portuguese he played at Inter Milan with Luis Figo

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