23 replies on “[HD] FC Barcelona vs Manchester Utd 2011 Champions League Final Trailer”

  1. The first team to score goal in final will be Man Utd and last to score goal will be Man Utd too. The conclusion is
    Man Utd 2 – 0 Barcelona
    I agree barca’s Ball possesion will be more than Man Utd. probably 60-40%
    No doubt

  2. The man who lost had the trophy in his hand will win..in PEP we trust..
    come on guys..villa,iniesta,messi,xavi..
    btw pedro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> chicharito

  3. @TomLFCHeaven how do they deserve it more than united? cheats dont deserve trophies.

  4. Dont show Pepe getting a red if your not gong to show him getting the red, because all in all it wasnt a red.

  5. @phuchongnguyen93 thanx, and the music is a part from the song Requiem for a Dream – Clint Mansell

  6. Amazing video <3 hope Barca win, this team deserves it more than United !!

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