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  1. @ttcoachcliff i live in portland oregon, so i probably cant make it…

  2. @RandomStuffLookAts
    Come and find out! I know that you can see Chen Weixing live at Keighley Table Tennis Centre, West Yorkshire on Friday 3rd June 2011, 7pm – 11 pm. I’m really looking forward to it! He’s a great exhibitionist.

  3. @IceDefence its always hard to know what the pros are using, cuz’ most of the time they change it up, put a pair of handles on a different blade, and other stuff. sigh…marketing…

  4. OMG Chen is getting better and better on the attack. The lamb became the wolf. Go Chen Go.. 🙂

  5. @IceDefence a picture showed that he was using BTY defense II with TSP curl P1-R and haifu blue whale 2. probably not anymore. JOOLA advertises the chen blade.

  6. @ABORG87 Joola Chen Weixing blade I think, Joola CWX Drum (Inverted) and Joola Octopus or TSP Curl for pimples, but not sure

  7. Sick ass match. Timo unable to convert looping to the chop and back to top spin.
    Encore Weixing!!!

  8. @XBox360Freak92 ja aber er kennt sich ansich nicht aus ist ein tt laie 😉

  9. This has to be one of the most awesome matches in the ECL. From the last game, only the point from 9-4 to 9-5 didn’t make the highlights xD. Credits to Chen.

  10. I’m not a Chen expert, but has he changed to putting more, or more often, more sidespin on his opening counterdrives, and even (light) forehand sidespin chop? Is he experimenting, or does he do this commonly? Same thing against Baum. I got the impression this was throwing Boll off sometimes.

    I didn’t notice it at the end, though, when Chen knew he just had to blast through everything; he’d probably never get this chance again.

    Great win!

  11. War wohl nicht Timo´s bester Tag.
    Normalerweise schlägt er Weixing. Sind aber auf jeden Fall einige schöne Bälle dabei 😀

    Nebenbei bemerkt gefällt mir der österr. Kommentator sehr gut.
    Kann es sein, dass er auch die Länderspiele im ORF kommentiert?

  12. i played against that blonde guy in the austrian team at the end of the video in belgium

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