21 thoughts on “FM2012 Liverpool – Episode 4 – Football Manager 2012

  1. It would for sure, but I want to put as much effort as I can into the editing style to please the audience. Thanks for the feedback though.

  2. Dont get me wrong I like how you do your videos I just thought it would be easier on your end

  3. It’s a style of editing I prefer. As you can see from the 3D highlights I do have recording software, but I quite like this style of talking over screenshots. I guess it’s not everyones cup of tea.

  4. Gr8 vid as always BTW does anyone know how to get Fabio borini on the PSP version of FM 2012

  5. Tottenham game will be tricky but I think u can get all 9 points in the next month!!! Perfect editing!!!! I’m loving this 🙂

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