Paris Saint Germain (PSG) house is on fire with the superstars, Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Neymar embroiled in a war. As per unconfirmed reports, it is alleged that Mbappe and Messi are at each other’s throats after the former is rumoured to be forcing Neymar’s exit. Mbappe,  who has a say surrounding players who should stay or leave as enshrined in his new contract, is reported to be disappointed with Neymar’s lack of discipline. From a different point of view, Messi is defending his former Barcelona teammate arguing that Neymar has the potential to surpass his current level at PSG as well as changing his attitude.

As of last week, Neymar was linked with a transfer move to Chelsea following the uncertainty of his future with the club. This was right after PSG president Nasser Al-made refused to comment on whether Neymar was part of the club’s revolution. In a response to a question that was thrown to him about whether or not Neymar is part of the new project, the club president was hesitant and responded by saying that he can’t discuss such topic in public as some players will come to the club while some others will be leaving.

He so added that what he can reveal is that he and everyone else at the club expect all the players to do better than they did last season, that they must be at their 100% best all season if they want to achieve better things next season than they did in the previous one. He said anyone that wants to stay in their comfort zone will be on the bench and that they not only need to create a real team, they also have to find a collective spirit in the squad. He insisted that this will be thr mission of the new coach.

Apart from being under Chelsea’s radar, other clubs which include Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal are reportedly willing to break the bank once Neymar is put on sale by PSG.