20 replies on “Cristiano Ronaldo All 16 Goals UEFA Champions League Record”

  1. It looks like Ronaldo wants another ballon d’or, and If Messi continues
    playing for the rest of the year like he did on this month then Ronaldo
    will win it for sure.

  2. Cristiano has had a tremendous season, but even his best season’s stats are
    equal to Messi less stellar seasons, when he gets 81 goals in a season then
    the comparisons may begin, but for the time being Messi is much better.
    Credit to Cristiano for capitalizing on poor form and injuries and playing
    amazing football whilst breaking the CL goals record. Whether he wins the
    Ballon D’or remains to be seen. I don’t know if Real will beat Atletico in
    the final though. 

  3. What a game today! #roadtolisbon is complete. Time to win #ladecima :)

  4. If u observe his goals then u can conclude that most of his goals were
    simple tap ins from given crosses . Whats the big deal in that. Even torres
    can do that. But I accept that though hr scored very very less solo goals
    all of them were awesome. #messifan here

  5. Ronaldo is too damn consistent, he’s 29 and shows no sign of stopping or
    slowing down with age lool. He’s definitely the best player in the world.
    He has never had a bad season like ever lol

  6. صحيح الدون يستاهل رقم صعب تكسيره ومافي شي بعيد عن ميسي ،، خلوه يطلع كأس
    العالم من راسه الموسم الجاي يصير خير ان شالله ،، ثاني شي اغلب اهداف رونالدو
    سهله جدا ومن لمسه واحده فقط ،، الا خمس اهداف اعتبرها ممتازه اخرها على ميونخ

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