25 replies on “Chelsea FC Vs. Manchester United Champions League trailer 2011”

  1. @MrChelseaLondonfc No Chelsea wernt poor anceloti was he made the rong descisions and Ima United fan and chelsea will win everything when Torres is on fotm and if Rooney and Hernendez stay on form United have every chance of beating Barcelona because the Barcelys Premiere League is th best League in the world and This was a great game Chelsea Destroy United sometimes and United Beat Chelsea sometimes because there both great teams and I Live in MADRID and honestly Belive Manu and Chelsea great!

  2. @MrChelseaLondonfc How can you say that Man United arent CL quality when we’ve reached the semis 4 times in the past 5 years?! Chelsea can spend millions of pounds trying to make their team better but United have got more talent in their squad than any other team in the PL – regardless of money spent. The majority of United’s players are not considered world class and they ain’t even been playing that well this season either but are still winning games. Thats what true champions are made of!

  3. No matter what happens Chelsea is my team , we will keep the BLUE flag flying high!

  4. @Telears Ppphhh youonly managed 2 goals against a poor Chelsea team? You are not Champions League quality! Forget about Chelsea, they were written off before the match even started, let’s see how you guys will play against Real or Barcelona FC!

  5. Chelsea was out-played in both matches Very poor passing from billion dollar team like Chelsea.. Chelsea have been playing individual football. Lampard is vastly overpaid amd found jogging on the pitch when playing against teams with better calibre.

  6. Great job!!
    Man Utd 3 – 1 Chelsea
    Man Utd to Semifinals!
    MANCHESTER UNITED.. We’re not Arrogant.. Just BETTER 😉

  7. england you got the best ecuadorian player in history.. please appreciatte him please read his biography: Early lifeAntonio was born in the Amazonian forest.[5] Valencia helped his mother sell drinks outside the stadium of his local club at Lago Agrio and would then search for empty bottles for his father to sell to a bottle-deposit in the capital, Quito.[6] Valencia used to play barefoot on the pitch next to the bungalow he shared with his parents, five brothers and sister. how crazy isthislife

  8. @gate13otr1966 The song is called “Now We Are Free by Dave Pearce”. Sorry, I should have out it in the description.

  9. Bala666, ha ha ha what a fuckin silly little boy u really are! Dick head u won’t even be in the final ha listen to ya just cause ur thug shrek got lucky u think ur there, were see dick head wel do ya 3 1 keep an eye on this page next tues!! CUNT

  10. WOW, how on earth did I get so many views?
    Yesterday it was 10.000 and now 36.000 views?
    Thank you so much all of you 😀

  11. i want to let all chelshit fans that barcelona is allways with manchester, a very respectful rival, the one we want in the final.

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