25 replies on “Barcelona vs Arsenal 3-1 Champions League HIGHLIGHTS 2010-2011 – [3/8/2011]”

  1. @SuperMessi74 Te crees porque ganaron , Pero no sabes que estaba jugando el arquero suplente sierto? , Es como Sacarles a messi & valdes Qe haria el Barcelona? Nada sierto , eso mismo le paso al Arsenal Sin Walcott & sin Szcsezsny

  2. @chriseggsify haha you calm down and stop crying that not only you lost champions , you lost the league, fa cup, you have lost it all… long suck Arsenal

  3. Puta madre puro pinche futbol, y mas con ese hijo de puta de Messi, me cago en la leche, te figuro sentado en tu sofa tragando como un maldito cerdo viendo partidos del barsa, tratando de besarlos los huevos a messi y soñando un dia que te folle, y que un dia te invite a jugar, maldito pendejo ya deja de poner pendejadas

  4. Arsenal Defended their home against the impossible to stop Barcelone. My respects

  5. barcelona could take any EPL team, just wait till they play a good EPL team in champs league…

  6. Quiere ganar ya un regalo d una temporada en juegos d España con tudo pago? vaya preparando p la copa!! vea en: WWWorldCup2014 Brazil Orkut o Facebook.. Ronniedinho y Nilmar vs Casillas y equipe.: apoio

  7. HAHAHAH Barca acting all tough while after this game you have been playing like shit..United will murder you with their great foursome of rooney-chicha and nani-valencia…good luck stopping those this coming from villa fan..

  8. @heslol Lmao whats the EPL?? The English Premier League?? Their no such thing!! Its more like the International Premier League!! Take away all the money that england has then their league isnt even better then the french one. Blame the ref all you want its just a pathetic excuse. Barcelona had 9 shots before the sending off and 10 after so its really didn’t change anything. Also the ref favorored Arsenal since they took away 3 goals from Barcelona.

  9. @heslol ZERO shots on target. What makes you think they were worthy of going through to second round?

  10. @Kevo193 that why EPL is for MEN and LIGA for CHICKS like messi
    the ref is to be blamed for rvp second yellow card
    there was only 1 sec between ref whistle and rvp shot
    as i said barca always win ref decision in Cl

  11. Maybe these English fans are right. Maybe its Barca’s fault. Maybe Barcelona made it seem so easy to play total football when its not. Maybe they made them believe that their highlights start on the pitch and not on the training ground, that every pass reads perfection and ends as a goal. Maybe they led them to believe that football was a god given gift and not something they worked for every single day of the season. Maybe Barcelona destroyed the game…or maybe…their just making excuses.

  12. @heslol Lmao the english and their excuses. How about you do what the Spanish and Italians do and blaim the players and the coach instead of the pathetic excuse of blaiming a ref. RvP should have been sent off because what he did was a 2nd yellow. yea maybe in the Premier league they dont follow that rule to keep the rating up but what the ref did was right and actually RvP should have been sent of earlier along with Diaby.

  13. @Barcelona211995 yeah barca may be the best team but they always win ref decision
    you cant deny that

  14. @barricadaCNT segundones?? jajaja echale un ojo a la tabla y luego habla

  15. @heslol
    shit u know that bacelona is the best team right know in 2009 they prove it

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