Championship football betting

Although in the eyes of the football media it often takes second place to the Premiership, in some ways the Championship is actually the more exciting and competitive league. After all, although standards have levelled off somewhat in the Premiership in recent seasons, there are still only about three teams who are really in with a shot of winning it, whereas this is certainly not the case in the Championship.

Throw in the annual relegation battle and the competition for play-off places and the Championship has a lot to offer, both for fans and also for sports betters, as the latter are likely to find betting on the league as exciting and unpredictable as playing at an online casino site.

However betting on something like which team will win the Championship is also a great deal more of a challenge, and doing so with any degree of success will require you to study the league carefully. This is true of Premiership sports betting as well, but realistically, betting on either of the Manchester clubs to win that league is a fairly safe bet, whereas the Championship offers no such easy answers.

In that respect, when making comparisons with online casino – which is the other most popular form of gambling in the modern era – betting on the Championship is probably closer to those casino games which require serious knowledge to play successfully; such as poker. There are also football themed slots game in, but that’s more for fun than for strategy.

This season the league is proving as unpredictable as ever, as some of those teams that would have been expected to mount a serious challenge – for example Leeds United – have fallen far short of expectations. This means that those who put a bet on Leeds to at least reach the play-off places this season already appear to have egg on their faces. Equally it is unlikely that many would have bet on Crystal Palace, who have been relegation strugglers in recent seasons, to be near the top of the table this far into the season.