Can Juventus Come Back Against Bayern?

The Germans are not going to lose on their turf. This was clearly shown in the scoreline when Bayern Munich defeated Juventus in the Allianz Arena, 2-0. Everyone expected a close match since both teams are currently the defending champions in their own respective local leagues.

Juventus, a club once plagued by controversies because of their involvement in a match fixing scandal a few years ago, has redeemed themselves and restored Italian football to its former glory. Bayern, on the other hand, has kept their status as one of the strongest clubs in Europe by consistently winning against their rivals, may it be locally or internationally. And after today’s game, it looks like the German club is better than the Italian champions.

The 20-year Austrian left back, David Alaba, started the goal scoring early for Bayern, hitting a long range effort and catching Gianluigi Buffon off guard within the match’s first minute. The quick goal from Alaba seemed to demoralize the visitors as Juventus was out of sync throughout the course of the game. Thomas Muller doubled the lead for the home side as the German International effortlessly tapped the ball to the back of the net in the 63rd minute. FC Bayern go to Turin with a very comfortable 2 goal cushion.

It may be a big lead, but it is not the end of the world for Juventus. A lot of clubs have bounced backed from 2 goals down and a team of Juventus’ caliber can definitely turn the tables in their favor. Unfortunately, Bayern are still the favorites to win the draw especially now that they have a 2 goal advantage against The Old Lady. Betting for either team is a big dilemma since both teams are capable of winning the draw. It’s probably better to play poker instead at websites like partypoker de than risk your money betting on this match. Of course, it’s still your call if you prefer betting on football matches rather than poker. Just a reminder though, even the best sports analysts make mistakes sometimes.

It is very clear that Juventus has a lot of tweaking to do. Their defense was horrible during the game and they were very lucky to only have gone 2 goals down They should also focus on tightening up their midfield as Bayern players were shooting from long range constantly within the game. Let’s just hope that Antonio Conte can fix their weaknesses before the next game starts. Their home field advantage may not be enough to secure a win against this talented Bayern Munich team.