22 replies on “Champions League: Werner Schlager-Kou Lei”

  1. what was schlager using at this time? he wasn’t sponsored by butterfly then…

  2. ich finde die kommentare von den deutschen nicht so cool wie die von den koreanern und japanern


  3. ttCountenance, please answer: once i saw in the description of this video another link, that brought me to a very intersting book, but it wasnt the table tennis master one!! ='( i wanted to get it… can u please tell me that link? am i right? i beg u!!

  4. Sometimes I wonder whether Schlager just saves the last set for the victory. He usually wins the last set in best of five matches. One of the best backhands ever, other than Kreanga. Definitely my favourite player.

  5. Kou plays good but need to improve his placement of the ball. kou keeps returning the ball straight to schlager…needs to place the ball more to the edges and down the lines on both side…too many balls returned back to the middle of the table for easy hits by shlager.

  6. werner plays with kou. i love werners forehand technique. I like the way how he put his elbow away from his hip. that’s a good technique

  7. Though the internal ranking of Kou Lei is out of 100, he played very well in this game and almost edged Werner Schlager.

  8. yes, he played some nice balls but I think he played better one time in the championsleague..against samsonov in 2008

  9. kou lei gave his best shot, he is very good for playing schlager like that, he could have even won

  10. this is the best match ive seen schlager play in the champions league. All the ingredients are there…epic flip kills, rallie, lobbing, backhand kills, man schlager u r the jack in the box!

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