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  1. @HizzleBadizzle Yeah it’s like ice skating EM in Estonia and our commentators were like “Nice”,”Great” and so on:D (dont get me wrong i didnt watch it my sister did:D)

  2. fantastic match. but im german and i must say the commentator is very unskilled -.-

    if he earns his money with that shit i can just laugh. the entire time he just makes comments like: “great” “sensational what they are doing there”
    without naming anything that has to do with table tennis O_o

  3. It appears as if Boll reaches his obligatory every year down phase once more just before the world singles championships.
    He will never win that title.

  4. @sallom899 I would add that if there is a tactical genius, that would be Ma Lin in my book. Not to belittle Timo Boll’s tactical prowess (a great way to observe this is to watch him try everything against Xu Xin… though obviously he hasn’t been able to figure him out), but that’s the way I call it. And yes, I agree, all of those Chinese “machines” make plenty of tactical decisions; I think it’s just easy for people to overlook them because they are too stunned by the technical wizardry.

  5. A strong player I know told me that Timo Boll is a tactical genius compared to Wang Hao and the rest of the chinese who are “machines”.. but when you look at Wang Hao vs Chen from English Open 2011.. you’ll simply see how amazing tactically Wang Hao is compared to Timo Boll who was the machine here.. Top-spinning anything 24/7..

  6. It is obvious that Chen Weixing is the only player that throw up the ball in straight line during serve.

  7. 2 people didn´t like the fact that timo lost to some chinese defensive old man:) good for chen

  8. @utahjai I agree. One of the best matches of Wexing.
    Strong solid play like Timo’s one.

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