25 thoughts on “Barcelona Vs Manchester United 2011 London TRAILER Champions League Final

  1. Hi all fans of MU,Here is Manchester United Season Review 2010/2011 + link download full (5Gb)

    thumbs up ^^

  2. “the most talented footballer of this generation” and probably all others messi is king

  3. @andesmountainsmovies exactly right, and barcelona fans are too blind to see that. so what do you all call fair play? i wonder, whenever i see that team play.

  4. hahaha Barca won Barca stronger,,,,,Guardiola is father of F.C.B ,,,,,,Vamos Barcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Only shows one thing: Jose Mourinho, best manager of the world, and one of the best of all times, if not the best.

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