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  1. lets go real salt lake greeting’s from houston tx. Just want to wish u the very best and hope you give it a 100%. I know u can take this the way you are playing right now. MLS IS BEHIND YOU AND SO IS EVERYBODY IN THE USA. LETS PERSEVERE AND COME OUT WITH A GREAT RESULT AND FINISH THEM OFF AT RIO TINTO STADIUM. LETS GO SALT LAKE LETS GO. ARRIBA MLS.

  2. i was at the colorado game it was sick!! i can’t wait for the concacaf finals!!!

  3. Before we start getting anymore hate comments on here about MLS vs Primera Division de Mexico, I know it’s quickly going to expand to Americans (and Canadians) vs Mexicans so I wanted to mention foreign players for both teams:

    RSL: Columbia, Argentina, Haiti, Brazil, Jamaica, COSTA RICA, El Salvador, (and Canada if they are counted as foreigners to league)

    Monterrey: Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina

    Americans play in Mexico and Mexicans play in MLS too.
    MLS is not only “gringos” so STFU.

  4. Oh I thought they were the fans at Monterrey.. Any ways RSL has a great team and I think they’ll do well against Monterrey. Mexican teams get cocky and underestimate MLS teams.

  5. the guys are yelling not are mexican fans! maybe is a previus game, no in Monterrey, RSL come in afternoon not in the nigth

  6. @dfwgator3 Why would any true soccer fan support a MLS team?? Hope Monterrey kicks gringo ass again as should be expected!

  7. @catirerosy Not that I doubt there will be Monterrey fans yelling at RSL, but where did you see that in this video?

  8. Its kind of sad seeing all those fans from Monterrey yelling at the RSL players son of a bitches… they will have to put their tongue way deep inside their ass once RSL wins the championship..

  9. As a fan of different teams from different leagues, I am a big fan of Mexican soccer but also a Galaxy and MLS fan. I don’t have love for either team, but I have to say I am on RSL’s side. I have to say first that Galaxy have been CONCACAF Champions before (just wanted to say it). But since the beginning of the current CCL format and Club World Cup, this tournament has become more important. This is really the beginning of a true international competition and not just a Mexican tourny. Go RSL.

  10. @elcock86 If RSL wins this Championship, I’d bet the Mexican clubs will scramble to focus on CONCACAF Champions instead of CONMEBOL’s Copa Libertadores. In fact I say MLS could one day start to go to South America as well.

  11. @dfwgator3 and Canada too. We got teams in MLS: Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps, and soon Montreal Impact too. Go MLS!

  12. Regardless of which MLS team you root for, everybody should be cheering for RSL against Monterrey, this is huge for US Soccer.

  13. I may be a Galaxy fan first, but abroad I’ll always support an MLS team.

    Sobre todo soy fanatico del Galaxy, pero contra equipos extranjeros siempre apoyaré al equipo del MLS.

  14. I haven’t been this excited for a match since the U.S. games in the World Cup last summer.

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