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  1. Say anything! Your ancestors also insulted Japan when we started to westernize. But they got shocked to see that Japan reached the 1st world.

    Next is football. We believe in ourselves and just go to our own way.

    Japanese will never get childish Korean provocations. Keep in mind!

  2. 쪽바리! 원숭이 공화국 놈들~ 좀 닥쳐라. 창의성은 전혀 없는 유럽/남미 따라쟁이들. 그렇게 아시아가 우습고 유럽이 좋으면 유럽으로 가 살어

  3. Why don’t you play FIFA Online on your PC? Just do it !! the person starting cheap talk is you who living galapagos islands, so evolving into hybrid-mutant.

  4. I won’t get the same provocation. Read my previous comments, and you can find my answer.

    Japan values Europe, and Korea values Asia. Sooner or later, you see which way is right.

    “Talk is cheap. Just do it.”

  5. The reason why the football players go to Europe from all over the world is to make money, not to learn skills. if you want to learn skills, you should rather go to the Brazil. In addition, the reason why europeans taking japs is also to make money from japs by selling TV rights, T-shirts, and sponsorship deals. but still, the number of japs in Europe is nothing of all the non-western european players. stop writing Fantasy Novels.

  6. “No pain no gain” Japan sends a lot of players to Europe and now J league can’t win in ACL. But we need such a pain to improve.

    When we started to westernize, Japan was laughed among Asian like this. But Japan grew up to the 1st world. Who cares about Asian bullshits? Excuse or not you will see later.

  7. Then, Leave Asia Enter Europe. ok? It won’t happen because Japan is in Asia. I don’t like to see these pity loser’s excuse why J league can not win. It is a simple fact that J league is not that strong to win AFC champions league.

  8. Korean are historically brainwashed by Confucianism, which is telling who is superior or inferior.

    As Japanese, I don’t care about such a cheap battle in Asia. Korean value Asia, but Japanese not because Asian football is a joke. We focus on “Leave Asia Enter Europe” in football too. If you make it in Europe, you will be estimated higher than what you have done in Asia. It’s true.

  9. Japs make all kinds of excuses if they lose the ACL. but the fact that they express so many opinions after ACL match will prove they are lying.

  10. Korea also didn’t send Son Heung Min to the Olympics. I don’t see how Miyaichi is better than players like Maeda who won J-league cup mvps
    Miyaichi is in Arsenal but never plays any games, even when he’s on loan to other clubs. Makes me think he’s only there because of Wenger’s fetish for young Asian players. Maybe he’s Japanese ParkChuYoung, a vastly overrated bafoon running away from his own country because he doesn’t want to do military service and can’t win a K-league mvp or top-scorer.

  11. yeah that’s true but j league don’t focus on asian champions league which they should they depend on doing well in their own domestic league. they don’t treat the afc champions league seriously

  12. Recently, Brazil trashed China 8-0, Iraq 6-0 and Japan 4-0. This is Asian football, OK?

    You may win 1 or 2 games, but you must expect such a miracle.

    Japan doesn’t hesitate to send players to European clubs even though J league gets down. We don’t care about Asian titles and just focus on the world standard.

    Japan was trashed by France 0-5 in San Doni in 2000, but we revenged them 1-0 on the same pitch in 12 years. You see how Japan improves in Europe.

  13. To be honest, ACL, Asian Cup and even Olympics doesn’t help to bury a gap with the world powerhouses because each team has a different motivation. For example, GB didn’t send Rooney, Mexico Chicharito and Japan Kagawa and Miyaichi to the Olympics. You see how we value European league. If your country plays in the world cup, you should understand what I mean.

  14. Japanese think they’re Barcelona, thinking they can own other Asian teams with Spanish football, but in fact what they’re actually playing is

    pussy feminine football that can’t even get them past the group stages of ACL.

    U-19 AFC Championship Quarterfinal. Korea 4-1 Iran. Korea again advances to semifinals, and qualifies for U-20 World Cup.

    But where’s Japan?

  15. funny how toki boasted everywhere on youtube about how Japanese football now dominates Asian football taking note of their 4 titles of Asian Cup, now you bash ACL simply because you can’t win it
    ACL is far bigger than the Asian Cup in terms of sponsorship, size and viewership. Ghuangzhou’s Dario Conca is a better player than Kagawa.
    may I ask why Japan got totally destroyed by Korea 2-0 at the Olympics men’s football even with your vaunted Usami, Otsu, Kiyotake etc Bundesliga players playing

  16. Good thing you mentioned the Draft System, K-league is now abolishing it so that J-league clubs can’t take young Korean players at cheap prices – to make K-league clubs even more stronger.

  17. Best leagues in Asia top 10: like if you agree:
    1. K league
    2. Saudi pro league
    3. J league
    4. Iranian pro league
    5. Chinese league
    6. Emirates league
    7. Australian pro league
    8. Emirates league
    9. Kuwait league
    10 Iraqi league

  18. Now J league suggests “Bosman rule” in Asia. It is already adopted in J league. We don’t count Asian players as foreign players.

    For example, Tosu’s Korean coach Yoon accepts Korean young nationals and bury a gap. Park Ji Sung also starts his career in J league, and they are following him. Without Japanese nationals, J league needs “Bosman rule” in Asia.

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