25 replies on “Trailer Champions League Final 2011 – FC Barcelona vs Manchester United – Final Promo”

  1. @mickeyh1961 . why you getting so worked up?? you gona tell me you didnt start follow liverpool during their dominance of the english football during the 70s or 80s . this pretty much makes you a hypocrite mate. Iv follow Utd because of the first time i saw cantona play., and i`ll always support them. im not getting into a stupid youtube gripe about it. im just making a statement.

  2. @jdkit whats that got to do with anything ?? most important thing to me is I DON’T follow the MANURE, regards your question a lot longer than you, and I support LIVERPOOL through thick and thin, unlike the Glory hunters that cram in at the theater of dreamers.

  3. I think all barca fans hope to face utd again in the cl final
    If they reach the final next year, cause barca will easily win again.lol

  4. Epl fans always think that midtable epl team can beat top 4 team from other league.lol.i ask to u,ìf your midtable team was that good,why they not win europa league in 10 year?

  5. manchester u were the perfect rival for us remember that you didn’t give up and played your football, you had an excellent team, but you were unlucky cuz faced the best team in football history. Anyways you lost with dignity, not like the madrid assholes.

  6. @MsEquilibrium77 thnks so much. You are my best friend ever. i like this song you know.huhu. lot of thank for you. 😀

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