18 replies on “Top 10 Premier League Goals / 2011 – 2012 HD”

  1. Why are Everton so unlucky? They had like 5 out of 10 conceded goals against the on that video:D

  2. Van Persie’s goal against Liverpool at 2:1 Anfield tie was much better than #5 in this video, it was the same type but prettier 🙂

  3. vote for no 🙂 where is Coates vs QPR, AND !!!!!!! SUAREZ VS NORWICH? 

  4. I’m a City fan ! And i choose the best goals of each month ! Sorry..

  5. What about Auguero vs QPR it wasnt an amazing goal but coz of the way it won the title it deserves to b in the top 10

  6. I must tell you these goals are the best goals of each month so the trophy of the goal of the season was chosen between those 10 goals.
    Suarez goals and Balotelli’s bike were not considered as goal of the month. /:

  7. i think you forgot of Suarez’s goal in his hat-trick against Norwich City, that in my opinion is the best goal of the year until now.

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