25 replies on “The Best Football Fair Play of All Time – Iranian Football Club – AFC Champions League”

  1. 0:53 blue player(no .4) could have pulled a muscle. Blue team kicks the ball out of play so player no. 4 can receive treatment. 1:41 notice that the yellow team passes the ball back to the blue team, intended for the goalkeeper so “play” could be restarted from there. It was unsporting for the yellow player to go for goal, but no rules stating that it wasn’t allowed.

  2. Scroll down this far and, finally, I get an idea of what was happening. So, what on earth is wrong with intercepting a back pass to a goalkeeper?

  3. Seems like the greatest time wasting of all time. What are the key moments in this video?
    Oh, and wasn’t that black number 4 a pussy? Rolling in agony because he got hit by the ball on the leg. I would love to have seen him kicked in the face when he was lying on the ground.

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  5. Looks like a lot of people agree with me, not you.

    How would the attacker not know? Was he filing his fingernails while everyone else was watching the game? Sure, the referee ‘did his job’ but sometimes it’s better to run games with common sense, rather than to the letter of the law.

    The importance of the game is completely irrelevant; we’re talking about what happened during that passage of play – and it was basically poor sportsmanship.

  6. You Idiot! lol
    The yellow team offender didnt know that was back pass fairplay!
    And refree did his job too! So WTF !!!??? They could score penalty and would be 2 – 0 in AFC, That was very important game in ASIA like Champions League in Europa!
    *** NOW YOU KNOW THIS ***
    Viva Persia & Persians
    VIVA F.C. SEPAHAN Esfahan 🙂

  7. That’s the thing, the forward was the one that brought the situation, but the fair play was done by the penalty shooter(and the other teammates if they shared their thoughts with him)

  8. If at all he’s envious, not jealous, apart from that getting top comment with an unoriginal one is not anything you really have to achieve

  9. He got the keeper sent off… fair play would be for him to punch the ref, so it will be 10 vs 10

  10. Wait, so the one team got a red card and played the rest of the match with one less player or what?

  11. There’s a difference between copying and doing the same thing. Copying would imply that he saw someone else do it and wanted to do the same. Is it so imcomprehensible that two people could think of the same thing?

  12. I feel like you may be describing yourself, I don’t see any other reason to get so butthurt about it.

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