Robinho wont return to A.C Milan

It’s been over 7 months since Robinho was loaned from Ac.Milan to Santos and even though the loan deal of the Brazilian will be reaching it’s end in a few months, the agent of Robinho has now revealed that he won’t be returning to Ac.Milan.

Ever since Robinho arrived to Ac.Milan, he has never really made a huge impact as the Brazilian player was given enough time to prove his worth and his price tag of €18 million which was the amount of cash that the Italian side Ac.Milan had to pay in order to sign him from Manchester City.

According to the agent of Robinho, Marisa Ramos stated that Robinho is doing well in his homeland of Brazil and there has already been an agreement that has been established with Santos which is going to keep Robinho until June and even when that time arrives it doesn’t really look like the Brazilian player would want to make a return to a club where he isn’t as appreciated in comparison to Santos in Brazil.

“Robinho will not return to Milan. We have an agreement with Santos until June, he’s very happy here, and there is not yet a solution for next year.We do not know what will happen after June, we’ve yet to find a solution.” Marisa Ramos told reporters.

It remains uncertain if Santos can afford keeping Robinho on a permanent basis and if the Brazilian club would be willing to pay his wages which is still being paid in part by Ac.Milan.

The player himself has revealed his interest in staying in Brazil with Santos and this is the best option not only for him but also for Ac.Milan as the Italian side can release a player who has not made a big impact or difference ever since arriving to San Siro and this can also cut down the wages bill of the team.

At the age of 31, Robinho isn’t the same quick and agile player he once was some time ago and it would simply be better for Ac.Milan to let him go for a small fee in order for them to recoupe at least some of the money that was spent signing him from Manchester City.