Robinho will sign on Regular basis

Robinho might be signing on a permanent basis for Santos at the end of this season.

Although, there have been speculations of him being lined up by the Mexican and American clubs, the 30-year old forward seems to be interested in prolonging his tenure in his motherland.

Robinho has hinted that he has got luring offers from overseas, but, the way he spoke in his interview yesterday, it could have been easily made out that he has his heart at Santos only having come through the ranks at the club and until, the circumstances force him to make an exit from there, he would stay there.

Talking to a newspaper yesterday about his future, the 30-year old forward said, “I know people have been speculating that I would join Kaka at Orlando. It might happen. I am not denying that. But, I might be staying here in Brazil as well. That is also a possibility. Nothing is certain as of now.”

“I want to continue being a part of Santos. It’s my boyhood club. Every player loves his boyhood club and I am not any different from the others in this case. But, the election for the post of chairman is coming up and my decision would depend on the outcome of that election.”

Robinho featured for 6 years for the junior team of Santos and then, for three years for their senior team before Real Madrid came calling in 2005.

The forward went just up and further up from there, having a prolific career at Santiago Bernabeu, then, going to England and playing for one of the biggest clubs there i.e. Manchester City and then, earning a contract at AC Milan too. It was the most successful phase of Robinho’s career.

But, of late, the career graph of Robinho has come down a little bit.