25 thoughts on “Milan VS Barcelona 2-3 Champions League 2011 Goals & Highlights(HD)

  1. at 04:50 the commentator says freekick when its actually a penalty and at 6:40 he says silva when its villa.really good commentator

  2. mascherano one of the best tacklers around that was an amazing challenge no way it was a foul

  3. and when boateng scores, brilliant goal by boetang but terrible goalkeeping from valdes

  4. no. just no, when they make a cooment about barca, they also make a good comment about milan. Xavis penelty is debateable, his leg looks like hes been just hit a little but while running its hard to stand up, im notm saying its a clear penelty, but its debateable.

    Example for commentators not just supporting barcelona, when fabregas shoots and abbiati saves it, they say its a great save and say fabregas should have done alot better.

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