Girard Frustrated After Team Failure

Lille manager Rene Girard was a frustrated man after his team’s failure to seal the third place in the French league following a disappointing 1-1 draw at Bastia. A victory for his team would have given them the chance to play in the Champions League qualifying round next year. As this, they now have to wait in order to seal this position. Lille have been the best team in French league this year. However, they do not have a great chance of winning the league due to the domination of Paris St Germain and Monaco.

The best they can hope for the moment is to finish third in the table, which will provide them access to more than £ 30 million in revenue from the Champions League. The team will be now looking for results from matches like that of St Etienne and Montpelier on Sunday. St Etienne must fail to beat Montpelier as they are points behind Lille. A few weeks ago, Rene Girard expressed his frustration at the dominance of PSG and Monaco. Many feel that the duo has entirely monopolised the French league with the incredible finances provided by billionaire owners.

UEFA have been trying to control this by introducing the FFP regulations, but PSG have overcome it spectacularly.

“We must kill this match! The game is lost on our lack of lucidity offensively. We have three opportunities (very close to) the line and you do not score! We could have lost the game in a completely ludicrous scenario. In football, you have to be focused from the beginning to the end because after we see what happens,” said the Lille manager. “I think there is no offside. This is quite surprising (the linesman raises his flag) because it really shows that there is a defender in front of Florian Raspentino,” said the club goalkeeper regarding a linesman decision.