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  1. @stalvio007 And he doesn’t believe in bullshit moves either like stomping your feet when serving.

  2. @stalvio007
    Aside from Chen Qi playing for Ekaterinburg, China and Russia have always had VERY VERY good diplomatic relations. They get along and help each other a lot.

  3. Chen has very powerful forehand, it made Boll in danger, but Boll was luckier than Chen

  4. It’s amazing, Timo just…..wins. He can make the good shots when it matters and avoid errors when it matters. He can also get a bit lucky when he needs 🙂

    But he just know how to win a match.

  5. @stalvio007 Timo Boll is ranked #1 right now, Chan deserved what he got, Timo did get some lucky points, but Chen also made so careless mistakes. I’m saying this as a fan of both Timo & Chen seeing as I also play the same style (Lefty, Shakehand, FH-Black, BH-Red). Chen also had home court advantage, so he should have been more in his comfort zone then Timo. In the end I think the better player came out on top.

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  7. That´s the camera angle we need in table tennis! There you see the fantastic athletic and speed of our sport. This is important for bringing TT to a bigger crowd.

  8. This is the angle that the ITTF needs to s tart shooting in, but too bad they’re lefty’s we’d need the reverse 🙁

  9. @stalvio007 qi didn’t deserve to win. he was getting confused too much and had the crowd on his side but still lost. boll victory is no accident he played clever and patient

  10. @clmdss
    come on now
    this is Champions League, Chen qi plays for UMMC Yekaterinburg
    this Match was played in Yekaterinburg, the Crowd want to see Chen Qi win of course!
    this is his HOUSE!

  11. Chen Qi plays like there’s no tomorrow.This is the first time i saw him almost lose his temper…

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