26 replies on “Champions League 2010 Compilation – Best Moments And Goals: When Art Becomes Football”

  1. @Carlosalff i have the 2009 compilation and this one..
    i might use another viva la vida song

  2. @LucaaaProductions cmon man it took me time to come out with something and u telling me shit about the song..=(

  3. @geloliverpool94 it comes to my memorys when they beat Milan ..coming down from a 3 – 0.

  4. too bad liverpool is not in the champions league anymore, they are the team that gives much color to the league!

  5. what is the name of the player in the minute. 1.22
    which leaves covering her face with her hands

  6. @felipesq17 si kieres ablamos de esto:watch?v=kwP-7OpXau4 i esto es en una final chico

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