26 replies on “Champions League 2009 Compilation – Best Moments And Goals: When Art Becomes Football”

  1. great video man. fuk i h8 here in Australia how no1 really gives a shit about Football. i wish i still lived in Croatia Football is like religion theres its life. here its so gay they call it fkn sucker. or Socka and would rather fkn play or watch cricket and footy. if they saw a match of the CL or this video. they would be like Football is so beautiful. they wouldnt believe what they were missing out on. but its impossible to change them. it just not popular here, the A-League is absolutely sht

  2. nice video…football is soo wonderful..hope its in the after life…I’M SERIOUS…lol

  3. @17angeldew7 lo que estás hablando Parece que su ni siquiera de España

  4. @seyupiedras95 habla los k kieras amigo
    pero este video ya lo tenia primero k el k dijioste
    nomas k yo no lo suvi por el internet

  5. ok sorry, but im´going to stop talking in english because i´m from ESPAÑA!!!!!!

  6. @seyupiedras95 nop..
    i had it done the day barca and manchester play, but i didnt uploaded cuz my internet was really slow

  7. Does anybody think abouth Garrincha when they hear this song? I think it explains his life.

  8. @MegaJohncenawwe this are the videos from last champions league…

    im working on my 2010 champions league video….

  9. @TheBigCrazyGirl He Did In The 2010 Qualifiers! So It Is Baisaclly 2009

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