8 replies on “Arsenal vs Newcastle Utd ’01”

  1. @Lovedalord8 I’m a gooner and i do admit that the way some gooners treated adebayor was disgraceful but most fans,not just arsenal fans,have very short memories and tend to forget very quickly the good things a player may have done for their clubs.

  2. great games howeva it seems that dingoleh as prevented contact between mi & him, its possibly b’cause i made comments about adebayor & his relationships wiv the arsenal fans. Massive gooner & that’ll alwayz be like that, get at mi dawg many arsenal fans have disrespected adebayor going on like the togolese forward never did anything for the club. I was absolutely disgusted wiv racist & abusive comments 2wards ade & his family just look how many Black footballers have played for arsenal holla JD.

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